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Minder/Monitor Swarm

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Minder Description

The Minder is a tiny aerial craft, although it is still exceedingly hazardous to approach. It is atypical of most Scourge units since it fulfills a purely defensive role. Armed with a small version of the deadly Arc Caster, the Minder exists solely to cover invasion armadas from air attack. Clouds of Minders are often deployed ahead of a major landing, providing excellent protection for dropships against roving fighters before they make planetfall. Since the Arc Caster can only effectively target isolated units, the Minder is almost useless for engaging ground units.

The Minder is rather slow for an aircraft, since the vast majority of its power is required to feed the Arc Caster and to keep it aloft. Its miniature engines are normally only used for local relocation manoeuvres. Unlike most other fliers, it usually reaches its destination in good time via dropship insertion. When successfully positioned early enough, a sufficiently large swarm of Minders is able to grant the Scourge total air superiority where needed. This allows ground units to conduct their sinister work with impunity.

Rules for this unit can be found in the Core Rulebook

Monitor Description

It is in the inherent Scourge Lifespan that the Monitor’s menace comes to the fore. This is because Monitors are in fact old Minders pushed to the end of their sanity but endless guarding of the skies with little outlet for their lust for destruction.

When Scourge parasites are not implanted into human hosts they are joined with military constructs (such as hunters, reapers, and all other Scourge vehicles and aircraft). How the determination as to which parasite is assigned which construct is made is unclear. What is clear is that those implanted into Minders are little more than mobile gun emplacements to the aliens, rarely able to inflict damage and pain on enemies or satiate the cruel whims of the parasite itself.

It is theorised that this is one of the reason that Minders are most often used in kamikaze core overload attacks – the parasites themselves are thought to be almost ecstatic at the idea of inflicting pain and ending their own.

Monitors take this idea to its logical conclusion. Re-fitted with modest anti-tank weaponry, they will take every opportunity to visit destruction on the enemy. If this proves ineffective they will kamikaze themselves into hostile vehicles, happy to go down in a final blaze of spiteful glory after so many years as little more than barrage balloons.

Rules for this unit can be found in Reconquest: Phase 2


8 models per blister can be made as either Minders or Monitors
10mm Scale
Height: 25mm
Supplied with 8 x 20mm clear acrylic flying bases
Models supplied unassembled and unpainted

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