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Children Of Niropth

Children Of Niropth

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The Children are an ancient race stolen by C’thu from the cosmic entity known as Niropth. Preceding the age of the Gods, Niropth was a force of nature whose will could transcend realities and dimensions. Present across multiple planes of consciousness, its influence upon the world of Relicia was defined by a desire to protect the essence of its component elements.

Being eternally present throughout space and time meant that Niropths focus was often averted to other worlds of significance so it created the children to protect the forests of Relicia in its absence. When C’thu stumbled upon this knowledge he went to great lengths to seek out Niropth with the hope of learning the secrets of how it came to be. Unable to locate the entity caused C’thu to become enraged and he quickly turned his frustration towards Niropths beloved children.

Originally, the children were akin to woodland sprites, nimble and beautiful with an overwhelming capacity for tolerance and understanding. Once C’thu began casting his afflictions upon them they quickly became wretched creatures of spite and malice. Naturally, Niropth was horrified when it saw what C’thu had done and so it attempted to destroy its creations, cursing them to wither and die.

Unfortunately, even with Niropths expansive knowledge of the universe it had never encountered a being as devious and cunning as C’thu. The master of manipulation had already accounted for the ancient forces interference and when Niropth imparted his curse something completely unexpected happened. Instead of destroying his children, the curse instead caused them to multiply. As fragments of them fell to the ground, spores began to grow forth until they flowered into new bastard children. Unable to comprehend the fact that a mortal creature had outwitted it caused Niropth to feel an emotion it had never experienced before, fear. This fear caused Niropth to retreat from the world of Relicia altogether, leaving C’thu free to corrupt it unhindered.

Today the Children of Niropth are a malevolent element of the Cults, lurching slowly across the battlefields towards their prey, often appearing as if they are rooted to the ground.

C’thu does not govern the Children as closely as he does the rest of his minions and takes pleasure in watching them grow and evolve by themselves. They are ever present and seemingly truly immortal, a fact which perplexes C’thus understanding but one which also gives him a great sense of pride.

Death is never the end for the Children and even long after they have appeared to wither away they can sprout suddenly, spreading forth to catch any living things that should stray near them. If they should find themselves isolated from the rest of the Cult they will root themselves and feign an existence as harmless plants and shrubs until the time comes for them to re-join the ranks of the dark lord.

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