Dropfleet Commander Large Base Pack

Dropfleet Commander Large Base Pack

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"Ma'am, these miniatures you've made of the Scourge fleet are very useful for organising our battleplans!"

"Thank you, midshipman. And look at the airbrush transitions I did on them!"

This set contains 6 large plastic multi-part bases designed for Dropfleet Commander.

Each base has a flight stand and widget. These are useful for being able to take the bases off for transport! A sticker and wheel shows orbital layers and spikes, and pegs plug into the base to show how much damage a ship has remaining. A truly multi-purpose base!

These larger bases are designed for larger ships, up to 30 Hull.

Contains 6 plastic Dropfleet Commander bases, flight stands and stickers.
(1-16 and 1-20 points)

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