Praefectus Equitum

Praefectus Equitum

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When the Nuem first returned to the surface of Relicia the Praefectus Equitum where charged with patrolling the borders to shield them from the prying eyes of their enemies. On a few rare occasions during these early days the Praefectus Equitum were interrupted from their work by neighbouring Orcnar tribes who happened to accidentally stumble upon the Amplodomus and were forced into battle much earlier than they originally planned to reveal themselves. Fearing their existence would become well known throughout Relicia if they let the Orcnar live they were left with no choice but to slaughter these wayward tribes down to the last man.

Once the Nuem had successfully established the Amplodomus as the new central core of society their real campaign of terror began and the role of the Praefectus became much more defined. Once again the Orcnar were the first to feel their wrath, due more to an unfortunate coincidental meeting than any real maliciously planned attack by the Nuem. Needless to say the Nuem were triumphant in this first major encounter and the Orcnar suffered terrible losses at their hands, yet still the main target of Encartrias fury was the humans of Unglandan and the Praefectus led the Nuem forward and headed to the island kingdoms aboard the Leviathans with a dark vengeance weighing heavy on their blackened hearts.

A pack of 1 Model, 1 Damage Counter.

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