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In battle, the huge clockwork warriors are near impenetrable and unrivalled in their strength. Certainly they are more than capable of making short work of all but the most resilient of foes, it is a fact that the enemies of the Nuem would be wise to consider when challenging them. The Ruina are sturdy and steady in a fight and are practically impossible to knockdown, their extended reach ability gives them a distinct advantage over their enemies in hand to hand combat and allows them to keep the most threatening foes they face at a safe distance so that they can systematically inflict whatever cruel injuries they can imagine upon them.

Those warriors who are fortunate to earn enough honour to wear a Ruina suit will find that being in the device for any prolonged length of time will induce a dream like trance where all sense of reality is twisted and distorted and the intensely overwhelming feelings of pleasure and pain are heightened beyond all measure of sensory comprehension.

1 Model, 2 Damage Counters

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