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Ridend Foot Knights

Ridend Foot Knights

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In battle is where those who have greatness thrust upon them are born through acts of bravery deemed captivating enough to warrant such significant promotion. Sometimes humble Men at Arms employed by the nobility happen by chance to score the killing blow against a mighty opponent, often through no superfluous effort on their own part.

Many accidental heroes are made this way, though the custom of gifting them with the armour of a fallen Sir and his accompanying titles does wonders when inspiring their confidence to become real heroes. There are lots of options for progression available to a bona-fide Knight yet some choose to play down their status by serving prolonged lengths of training amongst the Foot Knights. In these cases the cause is mostly due to a Knights personal belief of self worth, often feeling not brave enough to pursue a Kapolop egg or being too poor to afford a Tropom.

Miniatures require assembly and painting. Painting materials are not included. Not suitable for children under 3 years due to small parts and pointed components

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