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TTCombat was first a news and reviews website selling some homemade products to cover the running costs. The response we got to those first designs was mind blowing, so our mission statement changed.

We want to bring you both quality MDF kits at an affordable price, and unique miniatures games that are fun to play and easy to get into.

Simple to build, great looking terrain provides the backbone of our business. With a growing design department we're constantly producing new kits to keep up with modern gaming.

Our games offer settings unlike any other. From fantasy wrestling rings, through Lovecraftian inspired Venetian horror, all the way to ground and space battles in the far future - you're sure to find something to interest you, with easy-to-learn rules that offer huge tactical depth.

Our company prides itself on giving honest, fast and professional service. We love gaming, and are happy to talk shop! If there's anything you're wondering about, or any issues you've experienced, we're always happy to help. Simply send us an email: info@ttcombat.com

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