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Commercia Civitalis

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Civitalis pattern buildings can be found all over the galaxy where there's been a human presence. One of the most standardised designs available to mankind the origins of the pattern are lost to time, some say that humanity has always had the knowledge to build these buildings while others state, quite clearly that there's no evidence of these buildings existing before the 2nd millennium.

Even war torn futures need somewhere to buy commodities, like combat knifes, relic toasters, or holy maintenance oils for your bed springs. While that may not be much of an issue to those piloting war machines that tower over buildings, its nice to know that even if your planet is getting invaded, virus bombed or its just another Thursday afternoon there's always a bottle of non-person powered dairy substitute waiting for you.

With a set of billboards and rooftop walkways the Commercia Civitalis provides great areas for your more modest war machines to take cover from the bigger, angrier war machines that want to stomp them into the dirt. Easy to assemble, even without glue, you'll be able to get a table built in no time!

Made from 3mm MDF this kit is perfect for games of Adeptus Titanicus, but will work perfectly with any similar scale games.

Model supplied unpainted and requires assembly. We advise using PVA glue for the best results.

Dimensions 16cm 15.6cm 10cm
Scale 10mm
Instructions Download


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