Eastern Empires Instructions

EES001 Torii Gates Download
EES002 Small Minka A Download
EES003 Oriental Bridge & Lanterns Download
EES004 Kiyomori Stage Download
EES005 Ponds Set Not Required
EES006 Yu Pagoda Download
EES007 Pagoda Extension Download
EES008 Small Minka B Download
EES009 Small Minka C Download
EES010 Wooden Walkways Not Required
EES012 Yagura Straight Wall Sections Download
EES013 Yagura Wall Corners Download
EES015 Hokora Set Download
EES016 Machiya Shop Front Download
EES018 Temizuya Download
EES019 Yagura Wall Small Gates Download
EES020 Kura Storehouse Download
EES100 Toshi: Courtyard Walls Download
EES101 Toshi: Courtyard Wall Ruins Download
EES102 Toshi: Courtyard Wall Extensions Download
EES103 Inaka: Gateway Download
EES104 Inaka: Misayama Village Download
EES105 Inaka: Walkways Download
EES106 Inaka: Gateway Extensions Download
EES107 Toshi: Sumo Stage Download
EES108 Toshi: Temple Accessories  Download
EES109 Toshi: Ochaya Gardens Download
EES110 Toshi: Hakkei-tō Pagoda Download
EES111 Toshi: Hakkei-tō Pagoda - Open Extension Download
EES112 Toshi: Hakkei-tō Pagoda - Closed Extension Download
EES113 Toshi: Inorinotō Pagoda Download
EES114 Toshi: Old Town Download
EES115 Toshi: Dojo Download
EES117 Toshi: Old Town Street Download
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