Industrial Hive Instructions

INH001 Sector 1 - Large Octagon Platform Download
INH002 Sector 1 - Small Platforms Download
INH003 Sector 1 - Large Platform (single Floor) Download
INH005 Chemical Storage Tanks Download
INH006 Power Station Download
INH007 Sector 1 - Industrial Complex INH001/2/3/4/5
INH008 Industrial Large Platform Set B Download
INH009 Industrial Small Platform Set B Download
INH010 Sector 2 - Industrial Complex INH011/12/13/14
INH011 Sector 2 Large Silo Platform Download
INH012 Sector 2 Small Silo Platform Download
INH013 Sector 2 Silo Floor Extension Download
INH014 Sector 2 Manufacturing floor (single level) Download
INH015 Sector 2 Walkways Download
INH016 Industrial Tower Download
INH017 Industrial Landing Platform Download
INH018 Industrial Superstructure Download
INH019 Sector 3 Chem Vat Download
INH020 Sector 3 Sphere silo Download
INH021 Sector 3 Chem Vat Connector Download
INH022 Sector 3 Chem Vat Platform Not Required
INH023 Sector 3 Stairs Download
INH024 Sector 3 Walkways Not Required
INH025 Sector 3 Stairs and Platforms Download
INH026 Sector 3 Chem Stacks Download
INH027 Sector 2 - Covered Walkway Half Download
INH028 Sector 2 - Covered Walkway Middle Download
INH029 Sector 2 - Covered Walkway Full Download
INH030 Sector Power Generator Download
INH031 Cooling Tower Download
INH032 Sector 3 Industrial Complex  INH019/20/22/23/24
INH035 Sector 4 Pipelines Download
INH038 Mega Turbine Download
INH039 Storage Platform Vents Download
INH040 Storage Platform Fans Download
INH041 Storage Platform Office Download
INH044 Sector 4 Storage Tanks Download
INH045 Sector 4 Pybus Pipe Hub Download
INH046 Iron Labyrinth Alpha Download
INH047 Iron Labyrinth Beta
INH048 Iron Labyrinth Gamma Download
INH049 Iron Labyrinth Ultima Complex (INH046/047/048) Download
INH050 Iron Labyrinth High Walls Download
INH051 Iron Labyrinth Doors Download
INH052 Iron Labyrinth Stairs Download
INH053 Iron Labyrinth Floors Download
INH054 Sector Nihilus - Industrial Complex Download
INH055 Nihilus Gateway Download
INH056 Nihilus Floor Strider Download
INH057 Iron Labyrinth - Death Quadrant Complex Download
INH059 Sector 1 - Alpha Complex Download
INH060 Sector 1 - Beta Complex Download
INH061 Sector 1 - Walkways Download
INH062 Sector 2 - Slum Blocks Download
INH063 Sector 2 - Slum Shanties Download
INH064 Sector 2 - Slum Warren Download
INH065 Sector 2 - Slum Complex Download
INH066 Sector 3 - Gamma Complex Download
INH067 Sector 3 - Delta Complex Download
INH068 Sector 3 - Silo Hub Download
INH069 Sector 3 - Sphere Couplet Download
INH070 Industrial Gubbinz Download
INH071 Sector 4 - Air Scrubbing Plant Download
INH072 Sector 4 - Electron Facility Download
INH073 Sector 4 - Plasma Relay Download
INH074 Sector 2 - Cloud Buster Download
INH075 Sector 2 - Slum Hardpoint Download
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