Are your RUMBLESLAM matches getting out of hand? Or are they not getting out of hand enough?

Luckily a new "wrestler" is here to save the day. For the low, low price of 50K Dosh you can bribe the referee to look the other way when you're putting the boot in, or get him to look only at your opponents whilst they're doing the same!

Be careful though, as your bribery may not be looked upon kindly by your opponent, and they may just beat the ref up and throw him out of the ring!

Download Referee Card

Just click the card above and you can download the UNSANCTIONED rules for a Referee and a Dirty Ref. Simply cut around the green line, then insert the card into a card sleeve to use them in a match.

These rules are UNSANCTIONED, so be sure to ask permission from your opponent before bringing your Referee or Dirty Ref to the ring!

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