Sci-Fi Gothic Instructions

Gothic Ruined Academium​
SFG001 Gothic Storage Containers Download
SFG002 Gothic Small Walls Download
SFG003 Gothic Large Walls Download
SFG004 Building And Ruins Download
SFG005 Ruin Sector Download
SFG006 Gothic Bunker Download
SFG007 Orc Watch Tower Download
SFG008 Gothic Walkways Download
SFG009 Mecharium Containers Download
SFG010 Gothic Outpost Building Download
SFG011 Gothic Barrel Set Download
SFG012 Gothic Road Accessories Download
SFG013 Gothic Modular Building 01 Download
SFG014 Cyber Power Plant Download
SFG015 Cyber Tower Download
SFG016 Cyber Defense Platform Download
SFG017 Cyber Bunker Download
SFG018 Space Elf Obelisks Download
SFG019 Space Elf Soulward Download
SFG020 Space Elf Landing Pad Download
SFG021 Space Elf Walkways Download
SFG022 Orc Guns Download
SFG023 Death Quadrant Download
SFG024 Cyber Guns Download
SFG025 Death Quadrant Base Set Not Required
SFG026 Gothic Corner Ruins A Download
SFG027 Gothic Corner Ruins B Download
SFG028 Gothic Officium Download
SFG029 Gothic Ruined Officium Download
SFG030 Gothic Servitialis Download
SFG031 Gothic Ruined Servitialis Download
SFG032 Gothic Corner Ruins C Download
SFG033 Gothic Ruined Tower Download
SFG034 Gothic Ruined Garage Download
SFG035 Gothic Chapel Download
SFG036 Gothic Mausoleum Download
SFG037 Fortified Power Station Download
SFG038 Fortified Trench Straight Sections Download
SFG039 Fortified Trench Small Corner Sections Download
SFG040 Fortified Trench Large Corner Sections Download
SFG041 Gothic Brownstone Download
SFG042 Gothic Brownstone Corner Download
SFG043 Gothic Ruined Opus Aedificium Download
SFG044 Gothic Chapel Corner Ruins Download
SFG045 Damaged Gothic Chapel Download
SFG046 Fortified Bunker Straights Download
SFG047 Fortified Bunker Cross Download
SFG048 Ruined Gothic Brownstone Download
SFG050 Damaged Gothic Brownstone Download
SFG052 Cyber Obelisk Download
SFG053 Cyber Monolith A Download
SFG054 Cyber Monolith B Download
SFG055 Cyber Megalith A Download
SFG056 Cyber Megalith B Download
SFG057 Cyber Altar Download
SFG058 Scriptorium Download
SFG060 Broken Domicilium Download
SFG061 City Quadratum Ruins Download
SFG062 Orc Lookout Download
SFG063 Ork Mek Shop Download
SFG064 Orc Barracks Download
SFG065 Orc Grub 'n' Grub Download
SFG066 Ork Mek Garage Download
SFG067 Ork Fortress Download
SFG068 Strikezone Storeyard Download
SFG069 Strikezone Chem Factory Download
SFG070 Strikezone Factorium Download
SFG071 Supply Train Set Download
SFG072 War Train Set Download
SFG074 Ork Tower Download
SFG075 Fortified Bunker Junction Download
SFG076 Fortified Bunker Corner Download
SFG077 Fortified Barracks Download
SFG078 Fortified Bunker Tower Download
SFG079 Fortified Command Centre Download
SFG080 Aqua Silo Download
SFG081 Missile Silo Download
SFG082 Fortified Gun Battery Download
SFG083 Mecharium Decimator Cannon Download
SFG084 Fortified Bunker Airlocks Download
SFG085 LGT 2x Small Corner Ruins Download
SFG086 LGT Large Corner Ruin Download
SFG087 LGT Industrial Scaffold Download
SFG088 LGT Industrial Fan Platform Download
SFG089 LGT Half Bundle Download
SFG090 LGT Full Board Bundle Download
SFG091 Mecharium Crane Download
SFG092 Corner Orc Walls Download
SFG093 Straight Orc Walls Download
SFG094 Ruined Orc Walls Download
SFG095 Orc Wall Gate Download
SFG096 Orc stronghold Download
SFG097 Radar Silos Download
SFG098 Gun Silos Download
SFG099 Damaged Bunker Sections Download
SFG100 Fortified Radar Tower Download
SFG101 Gothic Academium Download
SFG102 Gothic Ruined Academium Download
SFG103 Fortified Checkpoint Download
SFG104 Fortified Pulpit Download
SFG105 Cyber Pyramids Download
SFG106 Supremacy Monoliths Download
SFG107 Pyramid Of Destiny Download
SFG108 Bolstered Bunker Download
SFG109 Bolstered Generators Download
SFG110 Bolstered Landing Pad Download
SFG111 Bolstered Factory Download
SFG112 Bolstered Communication  Download
SFG113 Space Elf Tower Download
SFG114 Space Elf Generators Download
SFG115 Space Elf Stargates Download
SFG116 Space Elf Stronghold Download
SFG117 Space Elf Platform Download
SFG119 Orc Mega Bunker Download
SFG120 Hallowed Ruins Download
SFG121 Razed District Download
SFG122 Praetorium Implacable Download
SFG123 Razed Mercantine Download
SFG124 Orc Sektor Download
SFG125 Orc Zzzap Tower Download
SFG126 Cyber Baricades Download
SFG127 Cyber Ruined relay Hub Download
SFG128 Cyber Relay Hub Download
SFG129 Interdimenstional Portal  Download
SFG130 Pylon Tetrad Download
SFG131 Monolithic Pylon Download
SFG132 Cyber Sector Download
SFG133 Convent Accessories Download
SFG134 Convent Abbey Download
SFG135 Convent Pulpit Download
SFG136 Convent Intersection Download
SFG137 Convent Ambulatory Download
SFG138 Convent Cloister Download
SFG139 Convent Cathdedral Download
SFG140 Convent Peristyle Download
SFG141 Ruined Convent Abbey Download
SFG142 Ruined Convent Pulpit Download
SFG143 Ruined Convent Intersection Download
SFG144 Ruined Convent Ambulatory Download
SFG145 Ruined Convent Cathedral Download
SFG146 Convent Ruins Download
SFG147 Port Bond Radio Reciever Download
SFG148 Test Hill Satellite Download
SFG149 Municipium Sector Medium Corner Ruins Download
SFG150 Municipium Sector 2021 Half Bundle Download
SFG151 Municipium Sector 2021 Board Bundle Download
SFG152 Freighter Graveyard - Crane Download
SFG153 Freighter Graveyard - Inspection & Clearance Download
SFG154 Freighter Graveyard - Distro Hub Download
SFG155 Freighter Graveyard - Small Containers Download
SFG156 Freighter Graveyard - Large Containers Download
SFG157 Mecharium Research Pods Download
SFG158 Ruined Test Hill Satellite Download
SFG159 Space Elf Spires Download
SFG160 Space Elf Grav-Dais Download
SFG161 Space Elf Spirit Beacon Download
SFG162 Cyber Ordnance Platform Download
SFG163 Cyber Gauss Pillars Download
SFG164 Ruined Distro Hub Download
SFG165 Ruined Inspection & Clearance Download
SFG166 Goliath Container Wall Download
SFG167 The Slum Stacks Download
SFG168 Shanty Town Stacks Download
SFG169 Oversight Office Download
SFG170 Ruined Oversight Office Download
SFG171 Quick Serve Stacks Download
SFG172 Condo Stacks Download
SFG173 Stack City Accessories Download
SFG174 Snack Stacks Download
SFG175 Ruined Mecharium Pods Download
SFG176 Mecharium Radar Domes Download
SFG177 Mecharium Generators Download
SFG178 Battlesnap: Gate House Download
SFG179 Battlesnap: Straight Download
SFG180 Battlesnap: Straight Upgrade Download
SFG181 Battlesnap: Towers Download
SFG182 Battlesnap: Outer Corner Download
SFG183  Battlesnap: Outer Corner Upgrade Download
SFG184 Battlesnap: Inner Corner Download
SFG185 Battlesnap: Inner Corner Upgrade Download
SFG186 Mecharium Chemical Pod Download
SFG187 Mecharium Radar Pod Download
SFG188 Battlesnap: Outpost Download
SFG189 Battlesnap: Outpost - Fortress Upgrade Download
TTPSX-SFG-001 Civitalis Ruins Download
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