Sci-Fi X Instructions

SFX001 Adnet Apartments Download
SFX002 Utopia Building Download
SFX003 Lassiter Commerical Download
SFX006 Meller Heights Download
SFX007 Lanux Apartments Download
SFX008 Nuova Apartments Download
SFX009 Chrysar Tower Download
SFX010 Academy Building Download
SFX011 Tyrosus Building Download
SFX012 Oval Building Download
SFX013 Ferrite Command Base Download
SFX014 Eyrie Bunker Download
SFX015 Brownstone Rows Download
SFX040 Leviathan District Download
SFX041 Administratum Decimus Download
SFX042 Shrine Mechanica Download
SFX043 Domicile Civitalis Download
SFX044 Medicae Civitalis Download
SFX045 Commercia Civitalis Download
SFX046 Cradle Commerce Download
SFX047 Flood Defence Board Download
SFX048 Helix Labs Download
SFX049 High Line Track Curve Download
SFX050 High Line Track Straights Download
SFX051 Industrial Accessories Download
SFX052 Pythagoras Tower Download
SFX053 Regal Financiers Download
SFX054 Level Steel Building Download
SFX054 Level Steel Building (2023) Download
SFX055 Alphabet Tenaments Download
SFX056 West Side Brownstones Download
SFX057 Dicington Tower Download
SFX058 Midtown Academy Download
SFX059 Ryan Memorial Station Download
SFX060 Kicks Stadium Download.
SFX061 Construction Site Download
SFX062 Street Accessories Download
SFX063 Exhaust Towers Download
SFX064 Compound Alenko Download
SFX065 Compound Benezia Download
SFX066 Compound Chakwas Download
SFX067 Compound Drack Download
SFX068 Compound Eve Download
SFX069 Tri Platforms Download
SFX070 Cooling Towers Download
SFX071 Phi Particle Collider Download
SFX072 Megaventilation Fan Download
SFX073 Quad Storage Platforms Download
SFX074 Scaffold Towers Download
SFX075 Sphere Containers Download
SFX076 Silo Triads Download
SFX077 Echo Generators Download
SFX078 Ashford Pressureworks Download
SFX079 Burton Quartersections Download
SFX080 V-Motors Factory Download
SFX081 Spaceyard Crane Download
SFX082 Underground Hangar Download
SFX083 Radio Dish Download
SFX084 Ground Antenna Download
SFX085 City Ruins Download
SFX086 Imperatore District Download
SFX087 Imperatore Vicus Download
SFX088 Imperatore Tiles Download


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