The Flame That Burns Underwater Advice

We were aware that building this monster of a miniature was a project for experienced hobbyists, but even they might need a little extra help. Here you have a little step by step guide.

First of all I'd suggest you to place the tentacles and the pieces as shown in the picture. These pieces will go together at some point, so it's best to check and file the connecting points. First step, glue together the three pieces of the octopus head and the woman, as these go together easily.

The three tentacles are very important (bottom left in the first picture), as they support the weight of the model. Follow the picture to ensure they go in the correct positions. I would suggest that you pin the three main pillars. All the other pieces connect to the rest of the model with at least two points, and most of them don't have to support any significant weight, so pinning is optional. A little extra work at this stage will definitely pay off. Take some time to look at all the connection points, file down any mould lines and do all the preliminary work that you need to do before tackling the monster.

I've placed the flying tentacle of the front and the head of the octopus. This head piece is quite easy to lay down, it drops into place quite easily. Then stick the two pieces of tentacle that keep the woman stuck to the beast.

Finally you only have to attach the remaining tentacles. They should be easy to spot and locate. Make sure that you are using a good quality glue and activator. You may want to fill some of the gaps with your favorite putty to prepare the model for painting.

(Original guide complied by David Esbri)

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