Orcnar Angilde
Orcnar Angilde
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Orcnar Angilde

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Of all the terrible monstrosities that have manifested within the race of the Orcnar, none are more grotesquely disfigured than the disturbed Angilde. They are so sickening to look upon that they are shunned even by their own mutated Orcnar cousins who are fearful that the tainted abominations might spread some filthy plague amongst them.

The Angilde have no place in Orcnar society and are cast out into the wilds shortly after birth, without the guidance of the tribe elders and the nourishment of the Dmoder most will perish in a relatively quick time, though there are always at least a few of their kind who somehow manage to survive. They are often found lurking in the shadows on the outskirts of the various Orcnar encampments that are scattered across Relicia.

In times of war the Angilde will linger near the bloody fields of war scavenging whatever meagre scraps they can find, if challenged they will join in the fight on the side of their estranged tribe but they gain no favour from it and are universally despised by all other Orcnar creatures for their disgusting habits.

Contains 4 Resin Miniatures and plastic bases.

Resin miniatures supplied unpainted and unassembled. This kit will require cleaning and assembly, and could need some small holes filled.

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