Britanan Bagpiper

Britanan Bagpiper

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From a time before the tribal wars, Bagpipes filled the highlands with dance tunes but soon became an instrument of war when King Rodrik extended his reach to the cold north past Unglandan in search of a unified Britanan nation. Whilst Rodrik's army encountered Bagpipes in use by smaller clans during their trek further into the highlands, it was the fearsome McGreggors who utilized the instrument to its greatest effect. During the conflict against the Highlander Clans led by the McGreggors poor Rodriks army began to recognize the instrument as a sign of an impending attack.

Every highlander child is told stories of the greatest player of all time, Charlie 'Large-lunged' McGreggor, who climbed the tallest mountains in the lands before shaking the heavens with his music. A truly unique sound, Charlies battle song would carry for miles around, to the great despair of Rodrik. When the clans finally pledged their allegiance to their new king, he asked for the pipes to sing of peace and unification before quickly adopting the instrument into his Britanan army. In fact, since that day a Bagpiper has escorted the Highlander Companies into battle without fail. 

As the Vaettir unleashed the Great Collapse upon the world the Bagpipers were decimated along with most of the Britanan forces. Whilst King Jorje was rebuilding his empire, he took particular interest in the pipers and crudely stitched together a number of players to incorporate into his growing army. Now macabre versions of their ancient predecessors, the mad King stitched beast hair hats into their heads to further distinguish them among his forces.

Contains 1 Resin Miniature and plastic base.

Resin miniature supplied unpainted and unassembled. This kit will require cleaning and assembly, and could need some small holes filled.
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