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The battles of the 27th Century are fought in tight corridors, with forces bitterly clashing to take important areas of cities or even breaking through enemy lines with the focus on a single piece of intel in a building.

Vicious fighting occurs through narrow streets, with ancient buildings towering over. Dropships fly over the cities, depositing their cargo before zooming away to a different sector to aid the fight.

Games of Dropzone Commander are made or broken on careful planning around the battlefield itself.

The Cityscape is a customisable battlefield in a box. One contains all of the scenery you'll need to get started with Dropzone Commander, making a 6'x4' gaming space. The buildings and mats are designed to look clean and fresh, maybe even a Colony World that is being attacked by alien foes.

The sets also contains 20 randomly assorted card buildings. They're pre-cut and glued, which means with just a few minutes folding you'll have an entire board laid out and ready for gaming.

The Cityscape is designed for games of Dropzone Commander, but these excellent card buildings and gaming tiles will work perfectly for other 10mm games.

Contains 20 randomly assorted buildings and four 2x3ft paper gaming mats.

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