Orcnar Dmoders & Nappas

Orcnar Dmoders & Nappas

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Since the terrible events of the Great Collapse all Orcnar life has started on the backs of the Dmoders, because of this they are given a special respect throughout Orcnar society and all members of the tribe will happily lay down their lives to defend them. The sacred link between mother and child underlies the twisted perversion that the survival of the Orcnar depends upon, the Dmoder are the backbone of their species and without them the Orcnar would quickly become extinct.

When I witnessed the birthing of the Nappa myself, I could not help but feel sorry for the Dmoder as the tiny vicious creatures carelessly tore themselves free from its flesh. The Dmoder was clearly in an awful amount of pain and made strange grunting noises as it flinched in agony. I looked upon the worried faces of the surrounding Orcnar and realised that they too in some capacity felt the gut wrenching agony suffered by the Dmoder, some even going as far as to cover their eyes to shield themselves from the horror.


The infant Nappa are tiny, vicious creatures that are concerned only with filling their bellies, they are incredibly greedy and will consume as much food as possible during the initial hours following their spawning. Once fully contented the Nappa will become tired and lethargic and often they will collapse under the strain of their own bloated stomachs. When the Nappa awake from their rest, the second stage of their journey to maturity will begin and they will swiftly grow much larger, shedding their skin in the process, the distinctive features of their varying genus types will develop much more predominantly and they will form up into groups and join their respective packs within the tribe.

I have witnessed the births of many different creatures upon my travels of Relicia and it is a certain fact that all infants cry and wail as they are born into this doomed and desolate world. Being fortunate enough to have witnessed the wonders of a Nappa birth I can honestly say that there are no creatures in the whole of Relicia who wail and moan as incessantly as they do, in fact it is a wonder that more of them are not put to death as soon as they break free from the sacs as the wailing that accompanies them is damn near unbearable.

Contains 8 Resin Miniatures and plastic bases.

Resin miniatures supplied unpainted and unassembled. This kit will require cleaning and assembly, and could need some small holes filled.

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