Orcnar Nappa
Orcnar Nappa
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Orcnar Nappa

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After the Great Collapse the Orcnar discovered that they were wholly unable to reproduce and they grew mutated and corrupted to such an extent that they became unrecognisable when resembled to images of their ancestors, they were macabre freakish creatures devoid of hope and their society was shattered and rapidly fading. Eventually there were some amongst the Orcnar who grew larger and smarter than most and when fully matured they became the first of the Dmoder, fleshy sacs grew across their backs and the creatures inside them grew strong before eventually bursting free and joining the ranks of the Orcnar to replenish the tribes that were severely diminished by the devastating events of the Great Collapse.

I have witnessed the births of many different creatures upon my travels of Relicia and it is a certain fact that all infants cry and wail as they are born into this doomed and desolate world. Being fortunate enough to have witnessed the wonders of a Nappa birth I can honestly say that there are no creatures in the whole of Relicia who wail and moan as incessantly as they do, in fact it is a wonder that more of them are not put to death as soon as they break free from the sacs as the wailing that accompanies them is damn near unbearable.

Contains 6 Resin Miniatures and plastic bases.

Resin miniatures supplied unpainted and unassembled. This kit will require cleaning and assembly, and could need some small holes filled.

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