Orcnar Eotan

Orcnar Eotan

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Amidst the tribes of the nomadic Orcnar terrifying mutant monstrosities are spawned, amongst these nothing is more gut wrenchingly terrifying than the Eotan. An unrelenting powerhouse of destruction, the Eotan embodies all of the savage qualities that define the Orcna.

The vicious demeanour of the Eotan is deep rooted in primal magic, their rage is an answer to the tragedy that has befallen their species and the genetic memory consumes all other thoughts, instilling an uncontrollable anger within them. Ear blistering screeches of bloodlust accompany the charge of these beasts, inspiring their brethren and rattling their enemies simultaneously.

Like their Unmann cousins there is a massive array of variations between two Eotans and it is almost impossible to find a pair that are alike. Bone protrudes from their boulder sized fists, strengthening their punch and warping their hands beyond recognition into solid lumps of stone. This manifestation may limit the dexterity of an Eotan as it renders the fingers useless for grasping but evolution compensates by bestowing the beasts with huge powerful jaws capable of rending flesh and bone alike with remarkable ease.

When an Eotan rears its ugly head even the bravest of heroes will find his nerve tested and retreating should not be seen as cowardice, in fact anyone who would dare stand toe to toe with an angry Eotan should be considered a fool.

Contains 1 Resin Miniature and plastic base.

Resin miniatures supplied unpainted and unassembled. This kit will require cleaning and assembly, and could need some small holes filled.

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