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Floating Detritus

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Don't leave litter in the canal! Or on the beach. Every time you go to the beach or river, pick up a few pieces of litter.

Usually these colour pieces are something silly. This one is just a PSA.

This pack contains a whole bunch of floating bits! 2 collections of junk, 4 large barrels, 2 medium barrels, and 4 small barrels, a group of three barrels tied together, and a fishing net.

These pieces are made specially to sit on water, all poking half-way out. They're perfect as floating debris in Carnevale, offering a quick and (relatively) safe way to jump across canals.

Made from resin, this Floating Detritus is great scenery to use on the tabletop for Carnevale and other 28-32mm games.

Models supplied unpainted and requires assembly. We recommend washing the miniatures thoroughly before assembly and painting. Miniature not included and for scale only. Contents may vary.

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