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Home Raiders Starter Box

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There are countless other fascinating, strange and fantastical worlds, which exist in dimensions parallel to our own. These dimensions are known as the Inner-space.

Some of the people living in these dimensions are well aware of our existence, and they covet to control the space in which we inhabit. The very homes we live in are their most desired prize.

However, these are little people who live in cramped and tiny worlds, and they have discovered the science which enables them to open gates to other realms within the Inner-space. They struggle with one another for control of our homes. Once they open a portal into one of our habitats, they stand ready to tackle other teams of fighters, sometimes from other worlds, for dominance. They have to keep fighting this never ending struggle in every store, house and room.

This box contains two full teams ready to play for dominance. You are all set to play a medium sized game of 6 Star teams using these miniatures (anything bigger than 10 Star teams is considered a large game). You have the rules, special dice, wound tokens, pearls, and character cards.

Most games of miniatures require scenery to play your battles around. This game makes no exception, but the good thing is, you already own everything you need! Home Raiders is played in your own home, so everything you have lying around on your desk, your kitchen or across your living room are the only things you will need in terms of scenery. You will only need to choose a couple of distinctive objects in your home to use as Portals.

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