Ridend Baron

Ridend Baron

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At the forefront of the Ridendean hordes are the Barons, considered amongst the mightiest champions of Queen Morri. Only the most courageous nobles can ever hope to earn enough favour to warrant them worthy of the title. Despite their renown the Barons are somewhat unfairly ranked at the bottom of the hierarchy amongst the upper classes according to the Ridendean peerage system and are succeeded in rank by Dukes and Earls, amongst others. On the war ravaged battlefields of Relicia there is no greater authority though and it is their will that holds the armies together.

In battle the Baron stalks the fields, directing the brave Ridendean warriors onward into the thick of the fighting. Accompanied by a loyal pair of Men-at-arms, one bearing the Barons own personal standard, the other acting as a musician or signaller, the trio are an inspiring sight to behold.

Miniatures require assembly and painting. Painting materials are not included. Not suitable for children under 3 years due to small parts and pointed components. We recommend this product for experience gamers and modellers of 14 years and above.

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