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“RUMBLESLAM is filled with proud warriors itching to test their mettle against strong opponents, but few are more proud than Trojan. He comes from a land ravaged by war and conflict, a land that forged him into the weapon he is today. A natural leader, frightening tactician and mighty combatant, Trojan fights with a casual ease that makes even the most confident of opponents take heed. The pressure this superstar emits in the ring has been known to steal the senses from his foes. In fact, in an after match interview one of his victim’s spoke of the experience: “I couldn’t see, couldn’t hear and couldn’t think. I-I was just, there. Just there waiting for him to finish me off.”

The dour Trojan is as reliable a wrestler as they come, doing well in any situation he finds himself in. For a measly 275K you're getting a great all-rounder who is almost impossible to throw out.

His special abilities really shine through though. They're subtle, but can make all the difference in a match. Gift Horse is a great Turnbuckle Ability, as if it is successful, the target loses any active Crowd Pleaser bonuses. That's a BIG DEAL, particularly against certain superstars that shall remain nameless – it's Phage. I'm talking about Phage.

Finally, his Blind, Deaf, or Dumb Passive Ability means you select an enemy wrestler to receive a de-buff for that round. You can lower their DEF, stop their Crowd Pleasers doing anything (take that Phage! I hate you so much), or – and this is the big one – make a wrestler lose every special rule from all of their abilities.

Trojan is a man without a casino. A Free Agent can be taken by any team without losing their sponsorship bonus, so feel free to add him anywhere! The subtle effects of his abilities mean he is a really useful wrestler to have in reserve. If you know you'll be facing lots of superstars, he's a really invaluable asset to any team!

Resin miniature supplied unpainted and unassembled with a unique character profile card and clear acrylic base. Note that clear acrylic bases may have a coloured peelable protective film. Miniatures supplied with square bases.

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